This project aims to build a player-focused metaverse hub that is not only a social and gaming space but also a gateway to other parts of the ever-expanding metaverse. This goal is a big one and the path to achieving that goal will be broken down into stages. Each of these stages is designed to build a solid foundation for the next. Every evolution will help to catapult it into the following phase all while maintaining one important ideology as its governing rule.

Player First. Always.


Building something this ambitious requires four things. Money, a versatile and solid team, a thriving community, and an out-of-this-world game plan. Fortunately for us, we know where and how to find all of these things in spades.


A project like this is going to require some serious work and there will be lots of pitfalls along the way. By utilizing powerful tools and paying attention to the industry and the players we can solve any problem with a bit of work.


No project is ever finished on delivery. The end user experience is one that will always be evolving. Being able to facilitate growth in our platform and in the overall strength of the product can make or break the best ideas.


The Most Amazing Story Every is more than just another metaverse project. It is an opportunity to truly build a portal for everyone. It’s a chance for us to have a place to meet our friends and have real engagement instead of a carefully scripted corporate experience. This story offers a backbone from which to grow a solid body that can grow.

But I am sure you have quite a few questions as to what this is or where it’s going.

Let’s start by answering 2 questions together.

What is The Most Amazing Story Ever and why does it matter?

The Most Amazing Story Ever (TMASE for short) is a massively expansive storyline that places the Reader/Listener/Player/Fan into a world that is very similar to the one they know and introduces the concept of Gods, Demons, Angels, and Ascended Beings. 

These are not Gods in the traditional sense. They don’t belong to any one religion or another, rather they are the beings that have influenced myths and religions through powerful feats.

As the Reader/Listener/Player/Fan (RLPF for short) dives deeper into the mythology, they find that this story stretches across the universe, through time, and even into other dimensions. The initial connections in this story were made with the Readers and Listeners via the depth of the characters and the similarities people found with those characters and the real struggles they went through.

Furthermore, These powerful characters are all born from mortal and powerless species, and as they evolve their real struggles grow with them. Each and every one of these characters are flawed, just like us.

Now, I am sure you are saying, “that’s great Brian, but how does it work into a Metaverse and NFT Project?”

Simple. It provides the perfect setup for all the systems needed to provide a powerful Metaverse experience. Let me walk you through them.

What Is The Most Amazing Story Ever

Originally this story was born 10 years ago. That’s when Brian Taylor began writing a tale about a modern-day screw-up becoming a god. It was called 12 Blackened Petals. Not knowing that the story he was attempting to tell would turn into a series of novels that have released four books with several more in production, Brian feverishly wrote the first novel in the series. As this epic story began to build momentum, Brian noticed a few flaws in the title and branding. 12 Blackened Petals assumed a new name. The Most Amazing Story Ever.

Most of the fans of this dark and heart-wrenching fiction found their way to it via the audio version. The tale of Sam’s ascension was brought to life through the narration of the books accompanied by a theatrical soundtrack and sound effects. Unfortunately, this tale arrived too early and the listenership, though ravenous for the story, struggled to grow. The audio version of The Most Amazing Story Ever was placed into hibernation until the world could catch up and offer it a solid way to make a profit while maintaining its original essence, and possibility for massive growth.

Now the world has evolved and the ability to leverage this story into something far more robust has shown itself.

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