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In this episode, Sam loses control over himself as he is resurrected from the dead. Massive action and violence fills the cavern where he and Frank ventured to get the flower.

The Most Amazing Story Ever is a tale about the birth of a modern God. This action-packed, emotional, whirlwind of a story takes the listener through a dramatic and dark process as Sam seeks out the light and attempts to claim the title of God Almighty. But his path out of the darkness is filled with peril as he confronts his inner demon, Malice. This beast consumes Sam’s soul and takes control of his body in an effort to bring death and destruction to the world.

Don’t miss out on this high powered tale of sorrow, struggle, and redemption. The Most Amazing Story Ever will remind you of what dwells within us all and show you the true power of the human heart.

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Chapter 7: The First Petal

“Now I am become Death. The destroyer of worlds.”

 -The Bhagavad Gita-

Blinded by the mass of light beams shining on their faces from the multitude of flashlights, Sam and Frank stood nervously surrounded by what looked to be about thirty heavily armed soldiers. There was no sound except for a single voice. Though they could not tell which of the soldiers it was coming from.

“Yes sir, we’ve got them,” the soldier’s voice said.

There was no audible reply to the soldier’s remarks. It was as if they were listening to one side of a phone conversation.

He continued, “Just two. What are your orders?”

There was an eerie silence that came after that. The only thing that could they could hear was the waterfall in the distance behind the soldiers.

Then that silence was broken yet again by the soldier’s voice. “Yes, sir.”

A single soldier stepped through the wall of riot shields. It was impossible to make out his face with all the lights behind him. He reached to his hip, pulled out a pistol and shot both Frank and Sam in the head one time each. There could not have been a more effortless task. There was no hesitation. He did not even think about it. He just shot them.

Frank and Sam fell dead to the ground like rag dolls. Their blood splattered on the massive concrete door they emerged from. As they lay on the ground, the blood from their heads poured out into immense puddles beneath them. It began to soak into their clothes, as they lay lifeless. Eventually, Sam’s pool of blood made it to the white flower that was still locked tightly in his hand. It too became soaked with his blood.

The soldier again called for orders. The reply he got was to get the flower, dispose of the bodies and return topside for debriefing. The soldier relayed the orders to his men. As he walked over to Sam’s body and reached down to grab the flower he noticed Sam’s hand twitching. The soldier shrugged it off thinking it was probably the remaining impulses of life and electricity leaving the body. He tried to take the flower from his lifeless hand but was unsuccessful. Even though he was dead, Sam’s grip was as rigid as ever.

Sam’s body began to move just a bit more. First a twitch of the leg. Then, a twitch of the arm. The soldier looked directly at the flower. The once pristine white flower became so soaked in Sam’s blood that it became a dark red. It was as if it drank the blood from the ground like water. There was not a single spot of white left on it. The soldier stood up and slowly started backing away from the body on the ground.

Sam was swiftly becoming more animated. As he miraculously sprung back to life, he stood up and wobbled a bit. His head was down as he caught his balance and stopped moving completely. At that moment, a single petal of the flower turned to black ash as though it was set on fire; only there was no fire. The petal simply wilted and fell from the flower in the form of black dust.

The soldier quickly retreated behind the wall of riot shields and shouted to the other soldiers to “OPEN FIRE!”

The clicking and clacking of weapons gave way to a barrage of muzzle flashes and ear-piercing gunfire. Hundreds of rounds were fired at Sam’s newly reanimated body. Soldiers emptied entire cartridges of bullets. And when the firing stopped, Sam was still standing. Not a single bullet hit him. The red hot bullets all stopped less than an inch from his body. All the soldiers could see was the silhouette of Sam’s body covered in bullets. They just stopped, frozen in time.

Only a second or two went by before the soldiers began to shuffle back a step or two. No one had ever seen anything like that. Half of the soldiers there were battle-hardened in Iraq and Afghanistan. Half of those had taken a bullet or seen their buddies die or lose a limb to IEDs. But none of them ever witnessed something like this.

Sam took in a very deep breath. On the inhale his head raised up and dropped backward as though there were no muscles in his neck. He exhaled, and the bullets that stopped right in front of him retreated by about a foot. Once again, he took in a deep breath. In between the inhale and exhale Sam’s head snapped to an upright position. His eyes jumped open in a moment of complete focus. They were glowing white just like the flower while it was still in the box. Sam’s pupils completely disappeared.

He shouted at the top of his lungs. It was so loud that the walls and floor of the landing began to vibrate. The water that came up to the surface of the landing retreated about two feet and started to ripple out and create waves. The roar shot across the room so violently that it disrupted the flow of the waterfall that Sam and Frank jumped from only minutes ago.

All of the soldiers grabbed their ears trying to keep their eardrums from bursting as they stumbled back from the force of the sound coming from Sam. The volume on his scream quickly tapered down and stopped. The echo continued for just a moment. Then the room once again became silent. Awe and disbelief were running rampant among the soldiers. What they just experienced was so unreal. But nothing could have prepared them for what happened next.

Sam took a slight step back with his left foot as if he were adjusting his stance for better balance. He crossed his forearms in front of his face and took in another deep breath. With a second thunderous scream, he uncrossed his arms and flung them backward with such a tremendous amount of force that it sent the bullets that were still hovering in front of him back to where they came at twice the speed. Those without riot shields were torn to shreds. Limbs, blood and chunks of flesh scattered across the landing like a thick beef stew thrown from a huge pot. Twelve of the men died instantly.

Many others were left screaming and crying on the ground, writhing in pain and pools of their blood. Some bled out seconds later. A few of those that were protected by the riot shields were stunned…shell shocked. Not physically injured, just unable to process the situation at hand. Their buddies were decimated by a guy that came back to life and threw their bullets back at them.

Three of the nine men left standing made a dash for the small black door that they came in. Sam was quick. He had anticipated an attempt to flee and solved the problem. With a quick skip step to his right side, he kicked a car-sized boulder and forced it to slide towards the door, not only to block their escape but to crush and kill the three soldiers in the process. The boulder made a thunderous grinding sound as it slid across the floor.

One of the remaining six began firing on Sam with his pistol. One shot made a connection with his left shoulder, and another hit his right forearm. Neither of the two bullets broke the skin. Sam’s attention snapped to the soldier that was taking pot shots at him. Moving so fast that he left streaks behind him, Sam charged towards the soldier and stopped mere inches from him. The soldier was hit by a blast of wind so strong that it rocked his balance a bit.

This soldier was blank with fear.  He was standing face to face with the scariest thing he had ever seen. A man that moved faster than he could see. A man that bullets didn’t seem to faze. A man who was nothing like a man at all. Sam leaned in ever so slightly and growled as the soldier stumbled backward in fear. Unable to cope and unable to think of anything else but his own life the soldier raised his pistol to shoot again. He fired off two shots. Sam dodged them both effortlessly and grabbed the soldier’s wrist.

With the ferocity of a starving lion, he ripped the man’s arm from his body just below the shoulder. There was a grotesque sound of bone cracking and tendon snapping and a massive splatter of blood that sprayed the soldiers beside him. With a swift pirouette, Sam spun around and smacked the soldier with his severed arm. It was as if he were hitting a home run with a baseball bat. The soldier rocketed across the massive room, slamming into the wall only feet from the waterfall. Immediately after hitting the soldier Sam sped after him.

Running across the water like a hovercraft and up the wall like a lizard to meet the soldier when he impacted, standing straight up on the wall as though it were the floor, Sam reared his fist back and smashed the soldiers head before gravity could take hold and pull him to the water that was about fifteen feet below. The punch was swift and devastating.  Sam’s fist traveled all the way through the soldier’s Kevlar helmet and into the wall creating a crater in the brick and mortar. The soldier’s body separated from his now pulverized head at the neck and splashed down into the water below.

The five remaining soldiers quickly split up and headed for cover behind the massive boulders that surrounded the large concrete door. In rapid and random patterns, they started firing rounds at the beast of a man that Sam had become. A flurry of those bullets pelted his skin creating little ripples as they made contact. None of them made it below the surface and into his body. Sam raised his hands and forearms in front of his face and turned his head to the side as though he were being splashed in the face with water.

Annoyed once again, he sped into action, running parallel to the pool of water along the wall. Shards of brick and bits of concrete were flying off the wall behind him along with a dust trail. As he traveled, one of the soldiers fired a grenade from the launcher mounted to the bottom of his gun at him. Without hesitation, Sam stopped dead in his tracks and caught the grenade with one hand like a baseball. He crushed it in his hand and caused it to detonate. The explosion was massive and blew pieces from the wall in football-sized chunks that rained down into the water. The entire area around him became covered in dust and smoke so thick that no one could see if the shot was effective.

Sam exploded from the smoke flying head first like a rocket at the dispersed band of horrified soldiers. Smashing into the ground in front of them, the force of his impact rippled across the small landing, breaking apart the concrete as it traveled away from him. He let out another furious scream. Gripped by fear, the soldiers did the only thing their training would allow them to do. They opened fire again.

This time, the bullets didn’t even get close to Sam. They simply veered off course feet before they got to him. It was as if his will extended beyond his body and told the bullets where to go. The soldiers didn’t stand a chance. Sam took one step forward and then another. Midway through the third step, he exploded into a sprint so fast that the soldiers lost sight of him. All they could see were the bits of concrete flying up in the wake of his movement.

As if by magic he appeared in front of the first two soldiers with his hands around their necks. Sam squeezed his hands and pulled out their throats as easily as a person gripping a handle to a cabinet door and pulling it open. Dropping the fistfuls of destroyed tissue and muscle he took hold of the bodies by grabbing their rib cages and with a quick spin, sent them flying through the air towards two of the remaining three soldiers.

One body landed on the boulder they were using for cover. Blood spattered from the remnants of the throat onto their face. The other landed only a few feet behind them.

With blood all over his face, one of the two remaining soldiers kept saying “this shit ain’t real man.”

He repeated it over and over and over like some horrifying mantra. Staring at the body that lay on the rock in front of him, he didn’t notice that Sam zipped up behind him. Sam placed his hand on the back of his head and smashed it into the boulder. Caught completely off guard, the soldier next to him spun and began firing on Sam at point blank range. Even this close the ridiculous little bullets had no effect. Grabbing the fully automatic rifle by the barrel, Sam tore it from his hands. Raising the gun back over his shoulder, he brought it down to the soldier as if he were swinging a machete, embedding it into the man’s skull.

From thirty to one. As the blood of twenty-nine of his companions spilled into the massive pool of water that was beginning to turn red, the last soldier cowered behind a rock. Deep in prayer and shaking violently, he did not raise his weapon.  He simply buried his forehead into the back side of his thumbs, hands clasped so tightly that his knuckles were white. He sat and prayed. He prayed that this beast would not take him. He prayed that he would get to see his family again. He thought of nothing but his wife and two children.

Sam landed on the boulder he was hiding behind. He would not move. He continued to pray. Sam shouted at him like a wild beast claiming dominion over his territory. The soldier clenched his eyes shut tighter and fought back the tears. He was not afraid of his death. It was the thought of leaving his children without their father and the pain it would bring to his wife that scared him. This monster was simply the means to that end.

Sam reached down and grabbed the back of the soldier’s body armor and lifted him off the ground. The soldier struggled for a moment. He accepted his fate and was not struggling with fright or fear but more from discomfort.

Dragging him like a child dragging a teddy bear, Sam hopped from the top of the boulder to the ground. Turning his gaze toward the ceiling, he crouched down somewhat and jumped upwards with rocket-like speed. As he reached the roof, he raised his fist and smashed through the brittle concrete. His punch was focused and powerful enough to break through the many layers of dirt rock and pipe that lay above the room. It was only a moment or so until a massive explosion of rock and dirt blew through the asphalt of the city street above.

Chunks of rock the size of furniture leaped from underneath the ground by the dozens. They flew some thirty feet into the air and crashed back down onto the ground, smashing into cars and through the windows of the shops that lined this street. People began screaming as they scattered like roaches. The sound of tires screeching and cars smashing into one another filled the air as they all suddenly stopped to avoid the concrete and asphalt chaos that was raining from the sky. Alarms were blaring from all of the parked cars that were crushed by the falling stone.

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